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Advanced Chiropractic Adjustments

Our office utilizes an advanced method of Chiropractic Adjustments to restore areas of imbalance and damage in the spine and throughout the body. This method combines the use of a specialized instrument to target muscle and fascial restrictions and specific 'hands on' adjusting to improve nerve and joint function.

There are many far-reaching benefits to this new method, without using the heavy pressure, twisting, or popping that is associated with traditional 'spinal manipulation'.

In our office, we deliver very specific care. Each person is evaluated before each adjustment to determine exactly where they need to be adjusted on that day.

Adjustments can also help with other joints of the body such as the TMJ, shoulder, sternum, ribs, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. These 'Extremity' Adjustments work in a similar way, helping to restore normal joint motion and remove nerve irritation.

Most people, including many doctors, do not realize that the "root cause" to many symptoms and ill-health - is found in the spine! When your spinal bones lose their proper balance, motion, or position, they can negatively influence and damage your body's master control center - your Nervous System. These areas of stress and weakness in the spine are called SUBLUXATIONS.

We specialize in removing these subluxations, which allows your nervous system, muscles, and joints to heal and regain healthy patterns of function. This can result in the improved function and health of every cell, tissue, and organ of your body!

Healing Laser Therapy

High-Powered Laser Therapy (HPLT) is a new, exciting form of therapy only just recently introduced in the U.S.

Dr. McNulty is one of only several doctors in the state to currently offer this advanced laser treatment. This therapy uses photon energy emitted through a high-powered laser to stimulate healing and pain relief at the cellular level.

The affected tissues respond to the laser energy in a way that amplifies the healing process, even in the case of chronic conditions. This treatment can be used to treat almost any area of the body, from surface level to deep seated conditions; including nerve, muscle, disc, skin, tendon, ligament and bone.

BioElectric Therapy

This is the most advanced form of electrical therapy available that uses specific frequencies of energy to provide pain relief.

Spinal Decompression

This is an advanced form of traction that gently cycles through stretch and release phases at different time intervals. The amount of force used depends on several factors; including client condition, symptoms, size, and pain sensitivity.

This treatment decreases pressure on discs, joints, and nerves, improves the circulation of blood supply and nutrients to the disc, increases range of motion, and allows for proper healing to begin.

This has worked wonders on difficult and severe cases of neck and back pain, including herniated discs and severe arthritis. The associated symptoms of nerve damage, which causes radiating arm and leg pain or numbness, also responds very well to this treatment method.

Mild electrical impulses are applied that target nerve and muscle related problems to reduce pain and inflammation and promote muscle tone. This treatment can be used on most areas of the body for pain relief.

Soft Tissue Release

This treatment utilizes either a "hands-on" approach and/or an instrument that sends pulsed waves of force into the tight, knotted bands of muscle tissue and fascia. This is also combined with a deep stretching of the related muscles.

This serves to release trigger points, spasm and constrictions within the muscle and fascia, breaks up scar tissue between the muscle fibers, decreases pain, and promotes better circulation, range of motion and strength. This treatment can be used on most areas of the body.

Dry HydroMassage

This treatment uses massaging jets and heated liquid along the muscles of the entire back. This increases the flow of blood and oxygen which helps to relax muscles, eliminate toxins, promote healing, and better prepares the body to receive Adjustments and other manual therapies.

Do Any Treatments Hurt?

Most clients describe all of the treatments we offer as feeling gentle, soothing and relaxing. If someone is in extreme pain, we take the utmost caution to be gentle and slowly and comfortably ease them into their treatments.

Our complete focus is on helping you feel better, so we would never recommend or do anything that would be hurtful. If any treatments ever feel uncomfortable to you, please let us know.

Which Treatment(s) Are Best For Me?

This question can best be answered following your Free Consultation with Dr. McNulty. Because each person is unique, we don't have any 'standard recommendations'. Also, there are no set number of treatments; your schedule of care will be based on your progress. Everyone's recommendations are individualized and determined after a thorough evaluation. Feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Reasons People Seek Our Services

There are three main reasons people seek out treatment at our Holistic Health Center:

    1. Natural Pain Relief: For getting lasting relief from specific areas of pain or dysfunction, without the use of drugs or surgery.
    2. Health Restoration: For improvement and healing of other health conditions and problems; using natural methods to promote self-healing.
    3. Maximize Health and Performance: For better performance on the job or at play, for an athletic edge, for anti-aging and longevity, and to feel your very best to get the most out of life!

Who Can Benefit From These Services?

Infants, to athletes, to seniors - anyone who desires to feel their best and enjoy the long-term benefits of optimal health and performance.

A deadly misconception is that "I feel fine, so I must be healthy". You don't have to be in pain or be experiencing symptoms for a problem to exist. The beginning of most health problems are 'silent'; pain and symptoms are a result of physical dysfunction somewhere in your body that can take months or years to finally surface as a 'noticeable' problem. Just like heart disease, cancer, and even dental cavities, many other physical problems also start out 'silently'.

Fixing and preventing problems in the beginning is easier and quicker than waiting until you have a BIG problem to deal with.

You will only be accepted for care in our office if Dr. McNulty truly believes that he can help you. This is also why we get an outstanding success rate with our clients.

The first step is to receive a free consultation with Dr. McNulty to determine if you are a good candidate for care. This is an excellent way to find out how you can feel better, improve your health, or boost your performance.



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